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1 buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles" [syn: plant, industrial plant]
2 everything available; usually preceded by `the'; "we saw the whole shebang"; "a hotdog with the works"; "we took on the whole caboodle"; "for $10 you get the full treatment" [syn: whole shebang, whole kit and caboodle, kit and caboodle, whole kit and boodle, kit and boodle, whole kit, whole caboodle, whole works, full treatment]
3 performance of moral or religious acts; "salvation by deeds"; "the reward for good works" [syn: deeds]
4 the internal mechanism of a device [syn: workings]

Moby Thesaurus

abdomen, accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, acta, action, adventure, anus, appendix, benevolences, bleachworks, blind gut, blow, bottling works, bowels, brain, brassworks, cecum, charities, clockworks, colon, copperworks, coup, dealings, deed, doing, doings, drive train, duodenum, dye works, effort, endeavor, endocardium, enterprise, entrails, exploit, fait accompli, feat, foregut, gasworks, gear, gest, giblets, gizzard, glassworks, go, good works, guts, hand, handiwork, heart, hindgut, innards, inner mechanism, insides, internals, intestine, inwards, ironworks, jejunum, job, kidney, kishkes, large intestine, liver, liver and lights, lung, machinery, maneuver, measure, mechanism, metalworks, midgut, motion, move, movement, movements, operation, overt act, paper works, passage, performance, perineum, philanthropies, power train, printworks, proceeding, production, pump, pylorus, rectum, res gestae, saltworks, scrapworks, servomechanism, small intestine, soapworks, spleen, starchworks, steelworks, step, stomach, stroke, stunt, the works, thing, thing done, ticker, tileworks, tour de force, transaction, tripes, tryworks, tubeworks, turn, undertaking, vermiform appendix, viscera, vitals, watchworks, waterworks, wheels, wheels within wheels, whole bit, whole caboodle, whole deal, whole hog, whole megillah, whole mess, whole schmear, whole shebang, whole shooting match, whole show, whole works, wireworks, work, workings




  1. Plural of work
  2. A mechanism or machine; the means by which something happens.
    A stray wrench can really gum up the works.
  3. Everything or everything that is available or possible; especially, all available toppings on food.
    I'll have a Behemoth Burger with the works.
  4. An act associated with moral or religious standing.
    His works displayed his righteousness.


Plural form of work
A mechanism or machine; the means by which something happens
Everything or everything that is available or possible; especially, all available toppings on food
An act associated with moral or religious standing


  1. third-person singular of work
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